Rushing the field


A clear night in Tampa Bay, Massachusetts made Super Bowl LV an amazing one.

Kassidy Trembath, Editor in Chief

If you’ve been to a Mead football game, you know that after the Mavs take the win, the entire student body rushes the field to celebrate the win with their team. After the past two home games, it’s been clear that students are willing to show school spirit and excitement when they have the chance to share a victory with their fellow Mavericks. But is it possible that students won’t be allowed to rush the field anymore? Will one of Mead’s first traditions be taken from us?

There has been talk over the past year that Chad Eisentrager, Assistant Principal/Athletic Director, had been questioning whether or not students should be allowed to rush the field. After multiple attempts to get an interview with Eisentrager, he has not been available for questioning.

Although Eisentrager wasn’t able to be interviewed, Principal Ayers was open to questions. Mrs. Ayers, when asked if students weren’t going to be allowed to rush the field, clearly stated that “No, that is a tradition I intend to keep at Mead High School.” She also recognizes the fact that there are “a lot of bodies moving in one direction at one time”, which could be a safety hazard, but she still feels like it’s “an amazing display of our community here, and [she] love[s] it”. Ryan LaVanchy, #10 Senior, views rushing the field as “…an awesome sign of support from our high school and community”.

 Three football players (which represent 10-12th grade), when asked how they feel about students rushing the field, have all explained similar thoughts, that they “absolutely love it,” says sophomore Banks Dakin, #91. Marcel MacPhail, Junior #54, also feels “…that admin shouldn’t interfere with traditions as long as they don’t hurt other students and are not demeaning to anyone”.

The Mead High School student body will still be able to rush the field after victories. It’s not the number of times that we rush the field that makes our tradition so important, it’s the love and pride for MHS that makes those traditions special to our school. Admin recognizes the loved tradition and intends to keep it going as long as it doesn’t put anyone in an unsafe position.