Spring fitting for MHS letter jackets on Mar. 12, Apr. 9

Any Mead High students interested in purchasing a letter jacket this spring can attend a fitting to select their size


Stina V Photography

Letter jackets are an important rite of passage for many students.

Mead High School has the released dates and times when spring fittings for letter jackets will take place. Letter jackets can be purchased by any student at MHS regardless of grade level and can carry academic, musical, athletic, etc. pins and letter patches the student has earned throughout high school.

The spring fitting dates include Friday, March 12 from 10:45 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. and Friday, April 9 during the same time range.

There is a required form that must be filled out and mailed to Western Awards for every letter jacket purchased. A 2020-2021 school year PDF version of that form can be found here.

The form asks for the student’s name, whether they have letter patches to add to the jacket, what their jacket fitting date is, their credit card payment information, and additional jacket details.

Students that purchase a letter jacket have an array of options they can choose from, all of which are listed on the form. 

They offer a traditional boys jacket — Texas orange wool body with black leather sleeves — and a traditional girls jacket — Texas orange wool body and sleeves with a black hood. The traditional boys jacket is initially priced at $144.00 and the traditional girls jacket is initially priced at $142.00. There are multiple optional add-ons that contribute to the price as well, some of which include a hood, a year of graduation patch, and a Mead Maverick logo on the back of the jacket.

The first patch sewn on is free. Any other patches sewn on are an additional $6.00 each.

To place an order after a fitting is complete or ask questions, students and parents can contact Jim and Cheryl Katschke at Western Awards. The phone number is (303) 699-5691, and the address is 17944 E. Bates Ave in Aurora, CO 80013.

Completed forms can be sealed in an envelope along with any letter patches and sent to the address listed above.