A Shoulder to Cry On

Pink and Orange
The Rose Candle
The Man on the Train
The Couch
The Giant
Indigo Nights
The Two People

About me

Hi I’m Allison My birthday is February 1 and I’m an Aquarius But I’m not quite sure what that means   I’m 5’3 And my hands are small Every time I compare hands with someone, their lanky fingers tower over mine And when I compare my feet to others, their feet are like giants compared to mine But that’s okay Because everything is proportional to me and my height Except my heart Phy...

Taking It In

You are probably in your room. And it's daytime. Look up. You see your room is painted some kind of color like purple pink or blue or just white.. You also realize in your room all of the pictures and posters and the color of your bed and the color of everything that's in your room. You see things clearly. Or your driving around and you notice the color of houses and the stores and...

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