Kadin Lengner

A beautiful sunset

A miraculous sunset

A soft orange painted the sky, reminding me of the summer days gone by. The beating sun poured heat onto my back like a fresh coat of paint on a newly built house. The warm colors of summer swiftly danced as far as the eye could see. The timeless summer was coming to an abrupt end.

Slowly riding my bike down a narrow sidewalk lined with extravagant green and yellow trees, a cool breeze was slowly drying away the sweat trickling down from my forehead. I slowly stopped at the bottom of a monstrous hill, calling my name, begging to be conquered. As I was riding, my muscles were aching, and my hands started to blister from the handlebars. It didn’t phase me as I continued fighting up the hill. A driving force inside of me craved to see the mesmerizing work of art overlooking the top. I finally reached the top as dark green grass swayed back and forth in a rhythmic pattern; the eternal red and orange hues filled my body with warmth. A titanic wave of bliss and peace drowned out any negative feelings I had. 

Something in me changed that fateful evening, something had clicked. No longer was I burdened by the weight on my shoulders. I felt reborn in a sense. The motivation and hope created by that sunset inspired me in a way nothing else ever has. I felt free from all the doubts and self-inflicted problems that I faced. Nothing could stop me from changing. This experience was and still is a pivotal moment in the development of my character. No more was I faced with issues from my past, I was focused and determined to move forward at all costs. 

I felt free for the first time in my life.

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