The Class of 2021 is set to graduate on May 29 at Mead High

With notable changes, this year’s seniors will still experience a graduation ceremony


DJ Gallegos

Graduation will be held on the football field this year.

A tumultuous chapter for many will finally culminate this May; this is a time to celebrate for the graduating class of 2021, but not with the same grandeur as in years past.

This year, things will look a little different for seniors and their families. 

Graduation day for seniors will be on May 29th at 9am on the Mead High School Field. 

To ensure social distancing, seating will be limited in quantity and only family members are allowed to attend. Seniors will each be permitted four attendees, and are expected to sit with them during the ceremony. 

“A lot of things will look different than years past because we have protocols to follow,” said Assistant Principal Alain Valette.

The ceremony will still be live-streamed so other friends and family members can watch. You can access the livestream on this page.

This year has been notably different than any other, and we can only hope the class of 2021 is rightfully commemorated.