Mead hosts first Homecoming dance since pandemic shutdown

Mead High’s homecoming will be hosted outside this year which means students can be mask free


Jamie Hedlun

The Mead High School Homecoming dance and other activities are to be hosted outside this weekend.

All festivities, including the parade, carnival, and dance itself will be held in the front of the school building this year. 

All students are welcome to come upon purchase of tickets and meet the rest of their peers from 8-11pm this Saturday. 

According to officials, the chance of spreading Covid-19 is reduced while outside. For this reason, the school chose to host the dance outside, including other festivities. 

The school is aware that social distancing and safe practices are necessary to limit the spread of COVID amongst students. 

Principal Young said, “the county guidelines have deemed that there is less likelihood of contact tracing quarantine if the students are outside.” 

Student Council asks that students bring their best attire, invite friends, and enjoy this weekend.

Tickets are available for $15 a piece.

Students bringing guests must submit the dance contract and permission slip located in the front office; however, the deadline has now passed.