SVVSD Board of Education to hold election in November for new board members

This year, three spots on the Board of Education are open for election


SVVSD Board of Education

The Board of Edcuation is in charge of making policies that determine school practices.

Ana Sofia Valdez, Copy & Design Editor

The SVVSD Board of Education is a group of elected officials “responsible for the development of policies” within the district. This year, five individuals will be elected for three openings on the board.

Although the board of Education is primarily disregarded by the student body, they are tasked with creating and implementing school policies that affect more than 33,000 students.

The Board includes seven members, some of which have two roles. Each member represents one of seven districts (organized by boundaries) where St. Vrain schools are located. Aside from that, four members also serve as president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer/assistant secretary. Board members are elected for four year terms and registered voters from all districts are allowed to vote for them.

From District B, Karan Ragland is running to represent the Niwot area, which she has done since November 2017. Ragland is also the current treasurer and assistant secretary.

Meosha Brooks is the only person in contention to represent District D. Tyler Gearhart was also running but has recently dropped out. 

Brooks has been an aerospace engineer, business development manager, and even co-instructed at Johns Hopkins. She believes that, “In no specific order, the increase in teacher salaries[,] direct reading and math programs, and [funding] for special needs students should be a district priority.”

Hoping to represent District F (Mead and its surrounding areas), are Natalie Abshier and Sarah Hurianek

Abshier has lived in Mead for 23 years. She studied at Colorado University in Boulder and Colorado Christian University. She believes the district should “[decrease] student fees and [increase] per classroom spending so teachers are not forced to pay out-of-pocket to [provide] needed supplies in their classrooms”.

Hurianek is a stay-at-home mom who studied at University of Northern Colorado and Front Range Community College. In her Longmont Times-Call Spotlight she wrote, “If elected, I look forward to working with the district on examining what positive outcomes could be carried forward and what changes need to be implemented.”

To find out how to be added to the ballot you can call the Board of Education Secretary at (303) 682-7292. The election will be held on Nov. 2, 2021.