MHS will no longer be accepting food from delivery services during lunch

A new policy has been announced that students can no longer order food through delivery services such as Grubhub and DoorDash to be delivered at the school

Arizona Lee, Editor-in-Chief

Students of MHS were notified during the Mav20 announcements on Oct. 11 that delivery service orders will no longer be accepted during or after their lunch period while in school.

These delivery services include Grubhub, DoorDash, Uber Eats, and any other vendors previously used by students.

After accepting food deliveries during student lunch periods for a while, delays within the services started to become an issue. Students were bringing ordered meals to their class periods after lunch, which both created a disturbance to the learning environment as well as prevented non-exempted students from wearing their masks while they ate in the classroom.

Communication secretary Ms. Shields said, “We had kids taking all kinds of food into their classrooms,… which is disruptive.”

In addition to concerns about classroom disruptions, Ms. Shields added that, “Because of where our school is located, when there’s food in classrooms, we get mice… in the wintertime.” Food in classrooms leads to insect and rodent problems in the building, which is “a lot for the janitors to… try to monitor”.

Ms. Shields said “[this policy] is for the rest of the school year”.

It doesn’t apply to friends or family coming to the MHS building during lunch to drop off food. It only applies to third party vendor orders.

Students who don’t bring food to school for lunch and regularly order through third party delivery services always have the option of getting free lunch from the cafeteria.