Picture retakes are to be held on Oct. 27

The second chance for students to take school pictures is right around the corner


DJ Gallegos

Picture retakes are a second chance to get your school photo taken. They are open to all who want a new picture.

Picture retakes are coming up fast.

Not all students like their school picture the first time around. There are students that felt their hair was messy or the lighting wasn’t as flattering as they wanted it to be. Some may have wanted to smile a little bigger to avoid their photo looking similar to a mugshot.

Next Wednesday on Oct. 27 is the second chance for our peers to shine and get another school photo taken.  

Picture retakes will be held on stage in the auditorium, in between the G-wing and B-wing. For all new students, this is by the cafeteria on the northwest side of the building.

They will take place first thing in the morning throughout the first two blocks on A day; be prepared to miss a few minutes in those classes if you’re wanting to get a retake.