Super Bowl 56 brings a unique matchup, predictions roll in

Fellow football enthusiasts overview the Ram’s and Bengal’s season before they face each other on Sunday, Feb. 13


Braeden Corliss

The LA Rams and the Cincinnati Bangles will compete for this year’s Super Bowl championship. The winning team will beat out the other on Sunday, Feb. 13.

The NFL championship game, the Super Bowl, is coming up very quickly. The Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals will face off and help close out a historic season full of electric plays and close finishes. 

Throughout the playoffs, many games have resulted in the underdogs winning. In the first round of the playoffs (the super wild card weekend), a few low seeds fought hard and won their games. For example, the 6th seed 49ers fought hard against the Cowboys to beat their 3 seeded rivals.

In the divisional round, (on the NFC side) upsets were very common. The 49ers continued their unexpected run and beat the #1 seed packers, who had a bye from the wild card round. On the AFC side, the 4th seed Bengals beat the #1 seeded Titans, yet another incredible upset. 

Last weekend, on the AFC side, the 2 seed Chiefs led 21-3 going into the second half, but lost in overtime to the young Bengals squad. In another big showdown, the 49ers played their divisional rivals: the Rams. With a strong start, the 49ers were up by 10 going into the 4th quarter, and attempted to hold their lead, but the Rams came out on top as the final seconds clicked down. 

The Rams went all in this past off season, trading for Matthew Stafford, a significant upgrade at quarterback. A couple of  key mid-season signings such as Odell Beckham Jr. and Von Miller have propelled the Rams to the championship game.

Veteran power has characterized the Rams roster, as their offense is led by Stafford and Cooper Kupp, with Kupp likely winning offensive player of the year. He led the league in receptions, yards, and touchdowns. On the defensive side of the ball, Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey are both regarded as the best at their respective positions. They have had a huge impact on the Rams success this season.

The Bengals offensive line is banged up going into this game, and the Rams defensive line has been one of the most dominant this year. Personally, we expect Aaron Donald and Von Miller to feast in the trenches and get to the quarterback quickly. Joe Burrow will have to scramble all game, and that is exactly what the Rams want. A lot of Rams players are hungry for their first ring, and they could get it done this year.

On the Bengals side, their young team has seen continued excellence with rookie Jamar Chase, who is likely to win offensive rookie of the year. The star wide receiver had 81 receptions and 1,455 yards in the regular season. Joe Burrow, at the centerpiece of their offense, has come back strong from injury, throwing for over 4,000 yards in the regular season. Rounding out their key positions, their backfield is led by Joe Mixon, who has made some big plays for them this season. 

On the defensive side, the Bengals look to make key stops on a tough Rams offense. In the AFC championship, they were able to stop the Chiefs defense when it mattered and force them to punt the ball four times. With the strength of the Chiefs offense, this accomplishment can’t be ignored. 

Due to the success of the Bengals’ offense throughout the season and the defense showing they have the ability to make clutch stops, the Bengals could be a really good pick this year. 

While the Rams have a beastly front seven led by Von Miller and Aaron Donald, Joe Burrow will be able to get the ball out quickly to his wide receivers. Burrow has shown his ability to make quick reads all year, so the quick rush by the Rams may prove to be less effective than before.

And, while there are many young players, veterans on the rosters also look to win their first ring. They have a chip on their shoulder due to critics underestimating their success.