Yellow (poem)

Yellow is the color of their aura.


I met someone who looked like the color yellow.

If I had to go through a crayon box, they would be the color yellow.

If I had to pick my favorite color, it would be yellow.

If I had to pick my favorite flower, it would be a sunflower —

because it’s yellow, like they are.

If someone asked me what color happiness is, it would be yellow.

She reminds me of yellow. 

If someone had to ask me what she is, who she is, or what she reminds me of — the answer would simply be the color yellow.

The color yellow is loud.

The color yellow is vivid.

The color yellow is bright.

The color yellow is nothing but happiness.

She is yellow. 

                                Her smile lights up a room full of people.

                                          Her personality is only kind. 

                                                       She is special.

                                               Like the color yellow.

Most people wouldn’t talk highly of the color yellow.

But I like the color yellow.

Because she reminds me of the color.

                                           Yellow is the color of happiness.

                                               Yellow is the color of smiles.

Yellow isn’t some sort of unique color.

But her reflection of the color yellow is what’s unique. 

                                                        I met someone.

                     Someone who makes me the happiest I’ve ever been.

                         Someone who brings out the best in everyone. 

                               Someone who is kind, sweet, unique.

                                   Someone who is like sunshine.

                                          Like the color yellow.

She is like sunshine on a rainy day.

She is like a warm spark to awaken your sadness.

She is like a bandaid to my scraped knee.

She makes me a better person.

                              She is the light at the end of a dark tunnel.

                       She is good, like the color yellow on an art piece.

Yellow is the only way to describe a good human like this.

Yellow is the color that shines on the outside of her; like her aura.

                                She is like the sunrise after a long night.

                       She is like the sun; she has a spark inside of her. 

                         She always shines bright like the color yellow.

She is like the yellow crayon you use on a drawing;

                                                                                      to represent happiness.