Communications secretary Jessica Gutierrez started second semester

Jessica Gutierrez took the spot in the center of the office at the beginning of spring semester


Noel Major

Jessica Gutierrez, the new communications secretary, can be found in the front office and is always open to helping students.

Jessica Gutierrez started as the communications secretary this second semester of the 2021-2022 school year.

She first heard about the job opening from Rachel Salaz, a fellow staff member, when working at her previous job as the attendance clerk at Niwot.

Before her previous job, she worked as a health administrator for Sunset Middle School.

Having a sixth and fourth grader at home, she enjoys working with middle and high school students because of their age. She’s worked inside St. Vrain on multiple occupations and is familiar with the operations of the district. Being a communications secretary while also having children enrolled within the district is a huge benefit due to the opportunities it presents.

“St. Vrain is a really great district, and I plan to put my kids in one of the schools,” she said. She’s especially impressed with the “amazing sports program[s]” SVVSD offers for students. Along with the excellent opportunities that the district supplies to her kids, she encourages them to keep playing their chosen sport like she did in high school for basketball and soccer. 

Gutierrez’s mother’s family is from Chihuahua, so she grew up learning Spanish as her first language and then learned English as she grew up in the United States. Gutierrez was born and attended school in Greeley. After she got married, Gutierrez and her husband moved to Longmont. Although she was raised in the U.S., the culture she learned in her household is very special to her. 

“[Knowing] an extra language is great,” Gutierrez said, “It helps you get to know new people, and [it] opens up opportunities for you such as being able to communicate with those who maybe don’t speak the same language as the one you grew up with.”

She said if others were to learn multiple languages, more windows would open for them in life.

If any MHS students need anything, Gutierrez added that she is always willing to help. She would love to get to know the students more and urges students to “stop by and visit” with her.