Boys Basketball competes in first playoff game Feb. 26

Boys Basketball has an upcoming home game against Widefield on Saturday, Feb. 26 where they look to start their second playoff round after getting a first round bye


Braeden Corliss

Original photo and graphic designed by Braeden Corliss. Nathan Hoffman (‘22) plays on the Mead court.

Braeden Corliss , Writer

As the third seed in the state, the boys hold home court advantage until the Final 4 (pending the fact that they get there). 

The team looks to players like Elijah Knudsen (‘22) who is averaging 19 points per game this season as well as Nick Basson (‘23) who knocks down key three’s throughout the game, scores high, and plays defensively. 

The team is also led by players like Nathan Hoffman (‘22) who excels in passing and excites the crowd with big threes, Will Tenore (‘22) – a key defensive player and great mid-range shooter – and James Shiers (‘22), who leads the team in blocks and scores in the paint.

Other key players include Dominic Mclawrence (‘24), Corby Tecu (‘22), Matt Murphy (‘22), and more.

With playoff success last year, the second round against their 30th seed opponents should give them a great chance to make it to the third round. 

If you want to come support them in their playoff run, come to the home game on Saturday, Feb. 26 at 1 p.m. Cheer loud for your home team, as they look to go back to back with state titles. 

Make sure to stay hype throughout the game, as threes and big dunks excite both the players and the crowd. If you want to distract the other team a bit, a great way to do so is cheer extra loud while they are on offense.