Mead offers new tutoring club through NHS

NHS members are offering peer tutoring after school on Wednesdays and Thursdays in the counseling office


Lily Owen

Lily Owen (‘23) made posters to help introduce the tutoring club to the student body.

Arizona Lee, Editor-in-Chief

National Honor Society (NHS) member Lily Owen (‘23) recently started the MHS tutoring club for students needing peer help on homework, studying, or anything else related to their academics.

Owen (‘23) shared she “started the tutoring club to give back to the school and help those who are a little too shy to go to teachers and ask for help”. This club was also partly started because after school math tutoring was no longer offered to students during the second semester of the 2021-22 school year. It was offered not long after the start of second semester.

Owen (‘23) said “it’s… less intimidating to ask another student” for help, and she wanted to offer help for her peers.

NHS members lead the tutoring club as tutors and Owen (‘23) works to organize it alongside NHS teacher sponsors Ms. Kelly Baxter and Ms. Cassie Sonnenberg. 

Tutoring club takes place in the counseling office from 2:45-3:45 p.m. every Wednesday and Thursday. All subjects are tutored — math, science, english, history, Spanish, music, and other specialty cores and electives. For the tutors, it counts towards NHS volunteer and service hours.

Owen (‘23) added that there aren’t any current “positions for tutors outside of the NHS, but if the club gains traction and support it could become an option”.

The tutoring club has only had a few sessions so far and Owen (‘23) has been “working toward getting the word out to the student body” along with other tutors who have attended so far, some of which include Gage Duetsch (‘23), Ellie Youngs (‘23), Joshua Tuominen-Collins (‘23), and others. Promotion for the tutoring club has so far included posters around the Mead hallways and in classrooms, through word of mouth, announcements during Mav20, and mentions during parent teacher conferences on Feb. 25.

Joshua Tuominen-Collins (‘23) tutors students in math at the club and said he hopes more students attend in the future that need help with homework, studying, or are confused on lesson topics.

Ellie Youngs (‘23) is also excited to get more involved and tutor all subjects.

Gage Duetsch (‘23) said he regularly promotes the club with people he talks to throughout the day. He added that all the tutors who attended the session he was involved with were “super fun and nice” and encouraged his peers to not be intimidated to come.