Coping With the Cold

How can I stay warm this winter?

Shay Willis, Columnist

Winter is coming, and it is getting colder by the day. But if you’re like me, it feels like winter everyday. As a person who experiences a constant sense of chill, I’ve come up with some ways to cope with the cold.

Always wear a pair of socks. Heat escapes your body primarily through your head, hands, and feet. Wearing socks will help to trap the heat trying to escape your body through the feet. Make sure they’re made of a relatively good quality though. Girls, don’t wear those flimsy peek-a-boo socks that are thinner than paper; they do nothing to keep you warm. Also, socks don’t have to be expensive. You can buy a pack of good socks for like five bucks at walmart and they work so much better than a twelve dollar pack at a store like Hot Topic.

Keep a jacket in your locker at school. Mead has a lot of windows, especially in the commons. Glass isn’t designed to keep out the cold, it’s made to trap it. Because of this, chill from the outside seeps in making the school cold. Having a jacket on hand will provide an optional extra layer of personal insulation to keep the heat locked into your body. My personal favorites are the ones with a layer of soft, almost fluffy fabric on the inside or the type that’s sleek and smooth.

Keep a pair of gloves on hand. The knit gloves are a good and easy way to keep your hands warm by engulfing them in your own body heat. Not to mention they’re so soft. It’s like you’re wrapping your hands with a cloud.

When you’re outside, wear a hat as much as possible. I know that school demotes hats and tries to keep them off, but as winter is coming, you’re going to want one. Pulling it over your ears will help to keep your head nice and toasty while preventing any case of frostbite coming up in the future.

Pile the blankets on top of your bed. Do it. Break out the big ones and bury yourself in a cocoon of warmth at night. The best ones are soft ones that feel like a cloud. And trust me, you’ll appreciate it if you tend to wake up in the middle of the night. The room will be cold with the winter air, but you’ll be nice and warm in your little cave made of blankets. Just don’t have so many that you wake up in a pool of sweat.

Drink your favorite warm drink.  It doesn’t matter if it’s tea, coffee, or hot chocolate, just get something warm in your body. By putting warm liquids into your body you are heating yourself from the inside out. Pull out your favorite bean and leaf waters and enjoy. Splurge at Starbucks if you will. Go ahead and treat yourself to a nice warm drink this winter.

It’s not hard to keep the cold at bay. By following those six easy tips you can almost instantly make your winter warmer. The first snow is here and we know that it’ll only get colder. Bundle up tight and stay toasty my friends.


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