Evan Morris will continue athletic success at Mesa University

Football player Evan Morris (‘22) is committed to play at Colorado Mesa University this fall


Evan Morris Instagram

Morris announced his commitment to Mesa University on Instagram.

Braeden Corliss, Writer

Evan Morris (‘22) has been a key player for the Mead High football team the entire time he’s been a student here. 

Morris will continue his education and play in Division 2 football.

“I committed to Colorado Mesa University [CMU] to continue my academic and athletic career,” said Morris.

As the powerful running back for the team the past two years, Morris made All State in 3A this year.

He also played a bit of defense. At the running back position, Morris said his best attribute is strength, but his weakness is his “side to side movement, because of [his] size”.

He isn’t an easy player to tackle, however, which has been a positive addition of his position on the team.

Morris said that the sport has had a lot of positive experiences.

Morris said, “I’ve met so many good friends.” He added that his team has become like his family.

There were difficulties that came with playing football as well. Because of the time Morris had to dedicate to football, time management was a challenge.

Morris said the best advice he received was in his sophomore year. “It was the summer, and [Coach Klatt] sat [him] down in his office, and he said ‘If you want to be great, then you have to put in the work in the weight room,’” Morris said. He said this “translates [onto the] field” as well. Morris keeps this advice with him everyday during his training.

His advice for current MHS students looking to play football is to just jump in and try it. He said, “If you want to be great, you have to get in the weight room… All the work that you put in is by yourself [will translate] to the field. Coaches notice and that’s when you become a starting player.” He also advised to stay focused on eating and regular running plans. The hard work will eventually pay off

Morris’ said his family has been a great support system for him as a student and as an athlete.

“They have helped me throughout my whole life,” he said.

His family started him young, throwing a football around in the yard. Many years later, this built up to “graduating high school and being able to continue [his] career at Mesa”.