Frosty fright: local school gets spooked by snow (satire)

Did the air hurt your face on Monday too?


Garrett Schroeder, Editor

October: a time for ghouls, goblins and ghosts. The time for carving pumpkins, corn mazes and. most importantly of all, Halloween has come around once again.

But several individuals say it may have been taken  “too far” as this Monday, October 9th it snowed.

“I was thoroughly spooked” said local mead high student Kelly Shields, “I thought we were in November. Then I realized it was still October.”

Another student, Lucas Hale, said, “I was surely frightened. Is this someone’s idea of a sick joke? I have finals when it starts snowing.”

As troubling as the prank was, what’s more is that the individuals behind it have still not been caught. English Teacher Mrs. Hedlun said “they’d better find those in charge of this, because I started writing my ‘November load’ already. Oh well, might as well give it to them now.”

The prank has left at least four individuals “thoroughly spooked” and at least five others disappointed that they didn’t get a snow day.

Rumors of Occult activity and a demon summoning to get more snow days have been circulating through the school, although no real demons have been seen in the school since 2012.