Mead set to perform Seussical musical April 20-23

Three classes and six MHS staff members are working together to perform Seussical for annual spring musical


Tickets are on sale for four performances April 20-23.

Alejandro Aguilar Rubio, Writer

Children’s books, whether simple picture books or rhyming stanza-style, have long been a primary source of entertainment for parents and kids alike, what with their bright colors and funny phrases, and simple storylines with a happily-ever-after usually included. This year, Mead High theater is taking the beautiful pictures and nonsensical but fun characters from a children’s book and telling it through an entirely different medium: a musical.

Seussical the musical in fact.

With a crossover of many of Dr. Seuss’ characters from famous books, such as Horton the Elephant, The Cat in the Hat, Gertrude McFuzz, Lazy Mayzie, and JoJo The Who, the play is an all assembled cast of favorite characters. 

Stage tech has been working hard to build and paint a Seuss-like wonderland onstage, calling back many memories of childhood (Green eggs, anyone?).

The musical will take place here at Mead High on April 20-23 at 6:30 p.m. Tickets will cost $12 for adults, $10 for senior citizens, and $8 for children, and they will be available both online at as well as at the door. The musical will be produced and directed by Quentin Taranti — just pulling your leg! It will be produced and directed by Mead High’s musical theatre and choir teachers: Ms. Andrea Mackey and Ms. Rikelle Berry. Ms. Abigail Koehler will lead the orchestra pit, and Ms. Kelly Baxter is a producer as well. 

Ms. Mackey said the show has many unique and imaginative elements that make it entertaining to work on and watch. “[This] show has so much imagination, set in the world of Seuss, combining characters and storylines in a wacky new way. [I] get to work with students without COVID restrictions, without having to wear masks onstage,” she said.

The students themselves are working hard in both Stage Tech and Musical Theatre. The roles, as different as they are, both must be filled in order to bring the musical to fruition.

Kate Willis (25′), a student in Musical Theatre, said, “[I’m] the Assistant Stage Manager, so I make sure everyone knows where they’re going, all the backstage props are in place, and that I know every que for every set change.”

Paityn Bartush (23′), a student in Stage Tech, talked about how difficult it is to “paint the huge set, piece it together, and then flip it with the help of a lot of people”.

Rathan Dujardin (22′), a student in both classes, explained the similar roles he undertook in each class, sharing, “Most of it overlaps, but my role in Stage Tech is more physical work, while Musical Theatre is more about notes and costumes. I’m Stage Manager in both classes, so I make sure people know their parts and props and that everything runs smoothly.”

Suessical the musical is good for all ages and families. MHS students will visit Mead Elementary School to eat with the younger kids there and promote their show. On their Saturday night performance, they will have kids activities prepared before the show, such as fun games and face painting.

Visit MHS Theatre’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their unofficial TikTok account to see more.

You can purchase tickets for the show here.