Tyler Solo – I believe in patience and trusting that the fish will eventually bite (Perspective)

In their English 11 classes, students were assigned a “This I Believe Essay” where they were asked to reflect on their experiences and what they value. The Mav worked with some students to share their stories.


This I Believe, INC was founded in 2004 and seeks to engage youth and adults in writing about their experiences, according to its website. Thank you to Izzy Gibson from Unsplash.com for the original graphic with our title overhead.

Tyler Solo, Guest Writer

I was waiting, anticipating the adrenaline rush that would circle through my blood once I felt my line twitch. Thinking about what I would do to make sure that the slimy beast at the end of the line wouldn’t escape from my grasp. I waited and waited, knowing that eventually it was bound to happen. It eventually felt like I had waited for longer than any normal person would have. Then finally, I felt a tug at the end of my pole and with no hesitation, pulled hard as to set the hook but not too hard as not to rip the hook from the beast’s mouth. It worked! I waited for the fish to stop struggling so that I had time to reel it in as it rested from the lack of energy. I reeled as fast as I could without breaking the line. It was close now, my battle was almost won. “So close!” I thought to myself, but as I reached into the water to pull up my trophy, the line snapped and the hard work that I had been waiting so long for swam away.

As a kid, I was always impatient, especially when I was stuck doing something I didn’t like. During this long period of my life called childhood, I also did a lot of things with my family like camping and traveling — so there were plenty of times when I’d gotten bored. At the same time, life was new and open, there were many new opportunities and new ways to look at things. It is the prime time to get the basics of what life morals are and how personality begins to form. This is when I was able to learn what I enjoy doing and create strong habits that would stick with me for the rest of my life.

I am lucky enough to have a wise family that has their heads screwed pretty tightly onto their shoulders. In that large family, there are many differing/similar opinions and personalities on which I can and have based my personality. One of those people is my grandfather who has taught me what to positively take into my person, and what to stay away from. One of the most important things he ever taught me was patience. He and I would often go fishing while we camped. Every time we cast a line the first cast always took more than 20 minutes before a fish would show up. That patience also came with the knowledge of knowing that a fish would always bite, even if it took days the fish would come, so long as you have the patience to wait. It could be hours before you catch a fish or even days if you keep going back. But if you wait long enough there will always be a fish to bait your line. That consistency of knowing that there will be a fish as long as I can wait is what I believe in.

I believe in the fish, to always come biting your line after some time. That reassurance of knowing that it will come eventually. That’s what I believe in and how I like things. I like being able to depend on those around me knowing that they will come through in the end. I like showing up to school, pulling into my same parking spot every day at around the same 7:35 am that comes around only once a day, every day, always. These things that keep happening on the dot and are guaranteed to happen are what I enjoy and feel safe around. It’s that Consistency that I enjoy and feel good about. There are often when I am meeting with someone and giving them a time and place to meet, and they show up late or go to the wrong spot after I had specifically gone over where to go that I find myself getting frustrated. Though I cannot always control what goes on around me, which is why I believe in the fish.

To some people, this would sound like a boring life, stuck doing the same routine all the time but it’s not always that way with me. There will always be change and being able to adapt to new environments and create a new routine out of an experience is also what I enjoy. The change itself is as consistent as ever because change will always come and you can count on it. And as much as I don’t like change, it consistently comes back in different ways that you can’t always be prepared for.