Despite massive hype for new singles, Jack Harlow fell short

Though fans were beyond excited for the release of new music, in my opinion, “First Class” missed the mark


Set to release May 6, Jack Harlow’s second album, “Come Home the Kids Miss You”, is one I’m looking forward to and hope it contains more impressive tracks of his.

Jack Harlow has once again given fans the opportunity to listen to his beautiful voice. American rapper Jack Harlow announced the release date (May 6, 2022) of his second major studio album, Come Home the Kids Miss You, released through Generation Now and Atlantic Records. 

Though fans are still waiting for the full album, Jack Harlow released his first two songs for the album as singles, the first being Nail Techon Feb. 18 and the second beingFirst Classon April 8. Besides the fact that Jack Harlow is absolutely jaw dropping-ly gorgeous, I’m personally a fan because he is an artist who is lesser known, but entirely under hyped.

I was anticipating his second single, and I wasn’t the only one — the excitement had an effect on many of his fans. This upcoming album is receiving major publicity on TikTok and Instagram; it is being promoted left and right. 13 seconds of the chorus being teased on social media built up an impressive amount of hype. The primary reason for this hype is the sample that will be in some of the songs: the one and only  “GLAMOROUS” by the queen herself, Fergie.

Despite my love for Jack Harlow, I personally had higher expectations for “First Class”. The verses just didn’t do it for me. They’re focused on his success as a great rapper, but humility is nonexistent in the track, and the pride he has doesn’t come across in a lighthearted or fun way. He also brags about all the girls he gets, which didn’t contain as much deeper meaning as I had hoped for. It’s definitely not his best, but also not the worst he could’ve done. 

We are all thinking it: Fergie carried the whole song. The little remix that was constructed and produced was top tier, but that was it. There wasn’t much that stood out to me as a listener beyond that.

If you’re a fan of rap or Jack Harlow, I’d suggest listening to the song for yourself — don’t just take my word for it. Jack Harlow is a great artist, and I can’t wait to hear the whole album. I’m hoping he’ll continue his record of incredible songs before “First Class”.