Indie artist “Dandelion Hands” overcame personal obstacles to release album “It’s all in your head”

“Dandelion Hands” is a 28-year-old artist from New Jersey; he began producing music in 2009 and released his first album, “sing me something sweet to sleep to”, in 2011


When Nick Heck started making music, he never expected to gain the following he currently has, but success has been a great journey for him.

Nick Heck, also known as “Dandelion Hands”, has 738k monthly listeners on Spotify, with one of his most popular releases being “How To Never Stop Being Sad”. His projects are arguably some of the most influential for certain listeners into alternative and indie music.

In an interview with The Mav, Heck was able to discuss questions pertaining to his album, It’s all in your head. This album contains 16 songs focused around Heck’s mental health, relationships, and other life stories.

Nick Heck released this album in 2013 at 18 years old. According to him, the album is about “the process of coming to terms with and learning from the situations in your life where you’re [sometimes unintentionally or unwittingly] hurting yourself”.

When asked what he has learned about making music since his first album  release, Heck detailed the importance of him coming to terms with mental health and becoming emotionally intelligent. “What I learned by the end of the whole experience was [that] ‘it’ was all in my head.” The things that were all in Heck’s head being “the way [he] projected [his] low self-esteem into [his] perceived opinion of [himself] from other people, or the one-sided romantic delusions, or any other such thing”.

Consistent with the genre of indie, Heck “did all of the writing. playing, recording, [and] producing for” his album. The music was developed through Garage Band because Heck had a bit of education based in music tech.“I took a semester of music tech in high school… The things I learned in that class were the basis for me being able to do the engineering side of things myself,” he shared.

His personal favorite of It’s all in your head is “It’s all in your head”, the 16th and last song in the album. “‘It’s all in your head’ is the one I enjoy playing the most,” Heck said. “My favorite part is the transition around the one minute mark.”

Heck said that during the creation of the album, he was his biggest obstacle. When learning to get over that and solve this, Heck said that his answer was that it really was all in his head. He said “coming to terms with that and taking [his] first steps in learning what [he] could do to change that” was really difficult.

Overtime, Heck has grown so much. “[I am] still my biggest obstacle, I’m just better at recognizing and learning from my intrusive thoughts,” he shared.