Everything I need to know I learned from Journalism

Current students in Journalism shared things they’ve learned from the class that apply to life


Jamie Hedlun

The Mav 2021-2022 staff.

The Mav Staff

  • Communication is always important
  • Ask follow-ups when you want to know more
  • Oxford commas are a must
  • Coffee will help you reach an understanding
  • Everybody matters
  • Don’t be lame
  • Don’t be afraid to talk to people
  • Don’t be nervous in interviews
  • Always do your own thing and be yourself
  • Make memories with everyone
  • Give everyone respect
  • Chicken nuggets are yummy!
  • Share your voice
  • Listening is important
  • Make sure to consider multiple perspectives
  • Check your bias
  • Try new things, its okay to not be great at something the first time
  • Talk to everyone, you never know who you might get along with
  • Involve everyone
  • Create relationships
  • Go outside your comfort zone
  • Everyone has something to say!
  • Be nice to people at all times
  • Present yourself how you want to be seen
  • Don’t be afraid to fight for what you’re passionate about
  • You’re in a journalism class… don’t be afraid to express yourself
  • Be ethical in all your decisions