Syvannah Miller (‘22) looks forward to studying criminal justice, and she hopes one day to be in the FBI.

Where are they going?: Syvannah Miller

Welcome to The Mav’s Senior Tradition where we highlight our current seniors and discuss where they are headed to

Syvannah Miller (‘22) is looking forward to attending Northern Arizona University in the fall to study criminal justice. She wants to earn a Doctorate in Psychology one day.

When Miller was younger, she always enjoyed watching crime shows. She loved the thrill of the mystery and following along with catching the criminals. This childhood experience inspired her to pursue criminal justice.

Miller said she’s “never wanted a boring desk job”, which was a big factor when looking into what she wanted to study. 

During high school, one of her favorite academic decisions was taking AP Psychology. “I really liked AP psychology, and I feel like it was the only AP test I had a good understanding of before taking it,” she shared.

As she heads out to bigger projects, Miller mentioned the growth she’s made since her freshman year mentally and psychically.

She said, “I’ve learned to know what I enjoyed and really found myself.” Miller also feels really accomplished by obtaining her green belt in jujitsu.

As Miller leaves this stage of her life behind, she said she will miss sport games since they were really fun. Miller’s favorite games to attend were baseball games.

“I’ve always enjoyed baseball games, and not many students go to them, so it was fun to be there and support the athletes,” she said.

Not only will she miss the atmosphere of high school, but Miller said she’ll miss some of her favorite teachers, Ms. Bree Ervin and Ms. Rachel Sandoval, since “they are fun people to be around”.

She will also miss great mentors like Mr. Link Lanter. Miller appreciates the advice he’s given her about life and the real world.

Miller is excited for graduation. She advised upcoming seniors to “take it all in”. She said, “It does go faster than what you think, make the most of your high school experience.”

MHS will miss this exceptional student, but we know she has a bright future ahead of her.

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