London fashion week provided a variety of interesting looks

Although London was in mourning during the Spring/Summer fashion week of 2023 most fashion houses decided to display their collections

Ana Sofia Valdez, Copy & Design Editor

September is commonly referred to as fashion month by those in the industry. Although in recent years more and more fashion shows have been established, the “big four” fashion weeks are New York, London, Milan, and Paris. New York fashion week was Sept. 9-14 and this past weekend — Sept. 16 to Sept. 20 — was London fashion week.

London fashion week is regarded as the most eccentric, edgy, and innovative of the fashion weeks. It is the only space where up-and-coming brands are scheduled next to traditional brands like Gucci or Prada.

Burberry and Raf Simons canceled their shows due to Queen Elizabeth II’s death. After parties and other non-core business events were also canceled but most other fashion houses decided to keep their shows and honor the Queen in some facet.

Below are some of the looks that caught my attention.

This ensemble by Simone Rocha features green sequin flowers on a pink mesh dress. Complemented with jelly platform sandals and some type of black, shiny headband, the mesh body adds balance to the extravagant ruffles on the shoulders and at the hem. The soft-hued mesh provides contrast with the bright green flowers while not being too ostentatious.

This look follows the current trend seen around mesh and loose knits on the body. Here the hands are gloved with mesh and the sleeves give plenty of volume to exaggerate the look. As we have started seeing this year, I think there will be more mesh and lace gloves to come this spring season.

The overall theme of Simone Rocha’s show demonstrates fairy-like hues and silhouettes twisted with a punk theme exhibited by the jelly platforms and the black headband.

Moving on, JW Anderson’s show is one that caught much attention this year. It was set in the Las Vegas Arcade in Soho, London. The show was surrounded by a futuristic-consumer theme and made strong claims about the current state of fashion.

The look below is meant to model a metallic paperweight. The orb around the models body is rounded and matches the models’ rounded curved bangs. This looks like something I might see socialites wearing on another planet. Although the concept of a paperweight is simple, I think most people wouldn’t see the connection at first sight.

Andersen did a good job of balancing this look by keeping the shoes minimal as to not distract from the overall tone.

Next up is a look from designer KNWLS. The model is dressed in head-to-toe pink wearing a biker jacket over a bias cut dress.

This look falls in place with popular monochromatic outfits that have been on the rise since 2021. My favorite part of this ensemble has to be the pink glitter at the roots of the models’ hair. It gives a distinct polished party look while still keeping the focal in the outfit.

The bias skirt is balanced with straight hair and a defined middle part. The jacket adds dimension to the look while not drowning out the figure.

The only thing I didn’t like about this outfit was the sandals. They seem awkward and clunky placed next to such a thought out look. While they pair well with the leather jacket and handbag, the soles protrude outwards and leave the look with an offset feeling.

The last ensemble is from Stefan Cooke. Two models pose before the runway in ankle length denim skirts. They’re both wearing white long sleeve tops with bows on.

On the left a black bow is emblazoned on a white long sleeve top, making it appear almost as a butterfly. On the right the bows are more subtle and match the color of the top. The skirt’s long lines draw the eyes down to loafers that match the print on the purse.

While simple in colors, this look is elevated by the different textures exhibited. The denim gives a good pairing to the shiny black bow and headbands. The lines give length to the models and the glow on their faces pairs well with the understated outfits. At the sleeves both shirts feature silver studs that echo the pattern of their white leather belts.

My favorite part of this look is the headbands that wrap under the chin. Although somewhat silly, these headbands are what take this look to the next level by emphasizing the symmetrical faces of the two models. While daring, it proves that fashion is about perception more than its individual elements.