Is Having a Job in High School Worth It?

A commentary on the pros and cons of having a part time job in high school.


McDonald’s is known as being the stereotypical high schooler’s first job.

Conner Henman, Broadcaster

Having a part time job in high school has it’s perks including making money, building people skills, bulking up a good resume, and other things. There’s nothing more satisfying than spending your own hard earned money, but is having a job in high school worth it?

I think so — here’s why: Have you ever had your friends ask you for a loan that you know is never being paid back? Me too. Do they have a job? Of course not, that’s why they’re asking for money.

If you have your license, and also a car, you probably know the struggle of needing to get gas 3 times a week. If you’re me at least — and you drive a-not-so-fuel-efficient-truck, then you may find yourself spending upwards of $60 on gas a week.

If you work a lot of hours a week, however, you may find yourself not being able to balance a job, school work, and friends and family. So what can you do to help balance? One thing you could do is ask for 10-15 hours a week. If you’re being paid bi-weekly, your paychecks should still be around $200-$250, leaving you with a fair sum of money, and still time to focus on school and friends and family.

Having a job in high school has its benefits, but it also has its sacrifices. If you are thinking about getting a job, weigh the pros and cons. A job can really help with these everyday expenses, paying for gas, food, etc.

Some people might ask, “How do I get a job?” Well, you could always apply to places online, which is preferred by most businesses. But it may be easier for you to go into the establishment and get a paper application. Some places also do “open interviews” such as King Soopers. When I went to go and apply at McDonalds for my current job, they gave me an interview the same day, and I was hired shortly after.

The great Chinese philosopher Confucius once said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” And this could apply to teenagers looking for jobs as well. Personally, I love my job, I thoroughly enjoy clocking into work, and I enjoy my paychecks just as much.