Nature Talk: Cockroaches as pets?


Garrett Schroeder, Editor

Cockroaches have been some of the most despised creatures in the last century. Along with mosquitoes and leeches, they are considered disease-carriers, pests, and filthy animals that crawl out of our sewers. But one species known as the hissing cockroach (Gromphadorhina portentosa) has been sweeping homes as the “perfect pet”.

Because of its large size and ability to survive well in captivity, it has been entering more and more homes. Another reason for its attractiveness is its ability to produce a loud, menacing hiss when disturbed. This act is more amusing than terrifying in most cases, and really helps its case as a good pet. Also, being a tropical animal, hissing cockroaches won’t escape and infest your homes as the Colorado climate is both too dry and too cold for them to survive outside.

All these aspects combined make them a more than ideal pet for a beginner learning how to keep animals. If you are looking for an exotic animal weirder than the rest but also easy enough for a beginner to keep, you may want to consider a hissing roach.