Fall(ing) for Fashion

Dress fashionable this fall season!

October 25, 2017

Fall is a season that transitions into winter, which means we have to dress accordingly to the weather. Obviously, everyone wants to be warm, but how nice would it be if you could look good too? I have a few clothing suggestions that would coordinate to the cold weather.

        To begin, tall boots, along with boot socks are a simple way to express some style while being comfortable.

Try styling the boots with a dress, leggings, or denim jeans.

Next, windbreakers and crewneck sweaters are yet another fashionable attribute to contribute to your style.

Style these with leggings or jeans (denim or black).

Furthermore, oversized sweaters will keep you cozy, yet cute throughout this fall season.

Not interested in any of these? There are hundreds of different style options in order to add to your own individual style.

TIP: Style light denim with dark colored tops, and dark denim with light colored tops.

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