LatinX starts new presenter series for Latin community at Mead

In addition to their weekly meetings, LatinX will meet the first Thursday of every month to hear from various speakers


Angel Villalobos

LatinX will be additionally meeting every first Thursday of the month.

LatinX has started a new series where students will meet in the library with a special presenter the first Thursday of each month from 10 to 11 a.m. This is brought to students by advisors Mr. Pedro Linsenmeyer, Paula Fredman, and Ms. Maria Vazquez.

Mr. Linsenmyer said, “Community members will come in and speak upon important issues that relate to youth culture and high school students.”

For those who attend, snacks and drinks will be provided. There will be regulations on who can attend — students must be passing their classes and have good attendance due to the fact that students will be getting excused from their second class on such days to attend.

This new addition to the meetings that LatinX started are to help students find friends with the same culture, language, and, in many cases, similar beliefs. This will be a great way for students to be informed about issues that can affect LatinX youth while increasing overall inclusive and welcoming school environments.

Ms. Vazquez said, “We need a stronger Latin community in Mead.”

For Latin December (the Thursday meeting for December) the advisors invited speaker Mackenzie Letendre, a program manager at the Healthy Youth Alliance in Boulder County. She gave students insight on substance abuse prevention.

Letendre said, “Our major goal is to prevent [and] reduce substance use and increase awareness for programs that are available for young people.”

Paula Fredman is in charge of choosing and inviting these presenters to Mead High for the students. She commented that the presenter for Latin January will be a professor from University of Colorado Boulder.