Mosaic (poem)

 I never say “I love you too” because we would always say “I love you more”

 I always call my family when I hear sirens because that’s what my mom does

 I always blow the paper from the straws across the table at a restaurant because that’s what my dad used to do

 I always say “girl” because that’s what my dance teacher used to say

 I always sleep with my feet under the blanket because my childhood best friend told me the monsters would get me if they could see my feet

 I sleep with the fan on every night because when I was little my dad wouldn’t sleep without one

 I always sit behind the driver’s seat because that’s where I sat in the car accident 

 I always put my first and last name on papers because my 5th grade librarian said that that was the only way to get through high school

 I only like even numbers because my mom swears they’re lucky

 I never text and drive because that’s how I almost died

 I love looking at the sunsets because it reminds me of him 

 I love dancing in the rain because it reminds me of my best friend