Punk rock is not dead, but evolving

Punk rock is thriving as a genre thanks to many modern bands


Jacob Morales

“Punk rock will never die, until something more dangerous replaces it.” –Jello Biafra of Dead Kennedys

Some within the scene might say that punk is dead, but others may see that it’s evolving, not dying. Punk rock is a very interesting genre of music, in the sense that as long as society stays unfair, it will live on. This can mean many things, whether it means using bits and pieces of different bands to make something new or taking a new modern approach with inspiration from other ends of music. Here are a few bands that are keeping this amazing genre alive.

The Chats are an Australian pub-punk/shed-rock band consisting of drummer Matt Boggis, guitarist Josh Hardy, and bassist and vocalist Eamon Sandwith. Hailing from Queensland, Australia, the band began playing in 2016 and released their debut self-titled EP, only a month away from graduating high school. From there, the band released three more projects, their newest album having the hilariously provocative title Get F****d. The Chats have really brought back the fun side of punk rock, with not every song having to be “macho” or “brutish”.

Sunami is a Californian hardcore punk band with Josef Alfonso on vocals, Mike Durt on guitar, and bassists and drummers interchanging. Forming in 2019, this San Jose band awoke the hardcore scene in the Bay Area. Their music is definitely a departure in style and lyrics compared to The Chats, with Sunami taking more of an aggressive approach to both style and lyrics. They often express their distaste for authorities, posers, and overall haters in the most “aggro” and violent way possible. Bringing that pure aggression back into the scene is so refreshing, especially in their first EP, Demonstration. Punk has always been about defying rules and norms, and Sunami does this perfectly.

Turnstile is a new wave hardcore band with drummer Daniel Fang, vocalist Brendan Yales, bassist “Freaky” Franz Lyons, lead guitarist Greg Cerwonka, and rhythm guitarist Pat McCory. Turnstile formed in 2010 in Baltimore, Maryland. They’ve released five EPs and three studio albums. Their third critically acclaimed album, Glow On, received several Grammy nominations in the rock category. Turnstile is a breath of fresh air for hardcore. They are able to blend so many different sounds into a pretty cut and dry genre. They blend sounds from pop punk, hardcore, trap, and post punk.

Soul Glo is a hardcore punk band consisting of vocalist Pierce Jordan, bassist GG Guerra, and drummer TJ Stevenson. They formed in 2014 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The band is known for their insane vocal performances and blend of hardcore and hip hop through lyrics and sound. Just through the vocals alone, the band stands out completely. They offer a fresh, new take on punk sounds and politics. Their newest album Diaspora Problems tackles police brutality and the Black experience.