Just 30 seconds a day

Taryn Johnson, Guest Writer

To the Mav Newspaper editor,

A big problem in our society today is how selfish we have become. As a whole, we have become so wrapped up in taking care of ourselves and looking out for ourselves that we have forgotten to focus some of our attention to the other people around us. At first thought, being selfish doesn’t seem too bad. If we’re constantly looking out for ourselves, then we can make sure we have everything we need and we don’t have to worry about anyone else. That doesn’t sound too bad, everyone looks out for themselves and then we’re all only responsible for one person, right?

I don’t think so. If all of us only look out for ourselves, what happens when we fail? Failure is inevitable because we are all people and everyone messes up. It’s so much easier to get over the mistakes if you have someone by your side to help you. If we never help each other, how could we possibly expect help in return? By starting with giving just 30 seconds everyday to someone else, we can break the cycle of selfishness.

Giving 30 seconds of every day to someone else will have a few different benefits to it. The first benefit, it that it draws our attention outward to notice other people. The second, is that it can make someone’s entire day a whole lot better than it was 30 seconds ago.

30 seconds a day. That’s such a small fraction of our day that we would hardly notice if it went missing. But it’s not the amount of time that matters, it’s what we do with that time that has an impact. There’s a lot that you can do in a mere 30 seconds. A simple smile or “hello” to someone who seems to be having a rough day can really make a difference. If you see that someone is struggling to carry something, just 30 seconds to help them would probably make a world of a difference to them. Even something as simple as shooting a quick text to someone that you haven’t seen or heard from can really brighten their day.

I propose that we all try to give 30 seconds of our day to someone else. In time, it’ll be easier and we will hardly have to be intent on making sure we do it, it will just become a part of what we do everyday. If we all give 30 seconds, that means the chances of us being on the receiving end of that increases.


Taryn Johnson