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Real Techniques brushes have really lived up to their name!

October 31, 2017

Being one of Walmart’s few beauty brands, Real Techniques makeup brushes create an outstanding complexion. Most importantly, on the website, the creators have made it clear that the brushes are made out of Taklon bristles, which are synthetic, so the brushes are 100% cruelty-free. They wash well and are still good as new when dried. These brushes usually come in sets of three and are color coded orange, pink and purple. The orange colored brushes are used for your base, your face makeup. The pink brushes are for your finish to add a little sparkle on your face, and the purple brushes are for your eyes! On the back of each package, there’s a description concerning which brushes are in the package and what they’re used for. These sets vary in price from a $10 to $12.

In a review from, Trina Durha, a professional cosmetologist, proves how great these brushes are by giving details of what is in each package and the reasoning behind the different colors.

Normally the brushes that come in the orange base set are the buffing brush, contour brush, and flat base foundation brush, but I included one more of my favorites, the detail brush.


Contour Brush:
The orange contouring brush can be used for makeups other than contour and bronzer. Although a soft light brush that is easy to swipe across your cheek, it’s an amazing brush to highlight with. Being so delicate, this brush is as light as a feather; you can barely feel it going across your skin.

Detailer Brush:
This is one of my favorites because this brush is the perfect size for concealing. This is a great way to hide your blemishes, and you can even use this brush to apply lipstick!

Buffing Brush:

The buffing brush is the Holy Grail of foundation brushes for every person that uses Real Techniques. Although this brush is meant for powder foundation application, it can be used for any purpose. It works with a number of different textures such as liquid, mousse, and cream.

Flat Foundation Brush:
The flat foundation brush is very useful for liquid foundation. It’s great for applying on the go and really smooths out the foundation on your skin for the best complexion.

The brushes that come in the pink sculpting set are the setting brush, fan brush, and sculpting brush. These are useful for adding that extra something.

Setting Brush: This brush is used for setting makeup with any powder. The brush controls how much powder you put on your face; it’s like a personal brush! The bristles are very soft and fluffy, and some people might even use this as a highlighting brush.

Fan Brush: The fan brush is very precise and feathery. Use this brush to set your highlighter or dust and any excess powder on your face. The brush is so light when applying your highlight, it makes the color pop by lightly fanning over the certain area of your choice.

Sculpting Brush: This brush is adored by many who contour their faces. This brush gives a sharper line compared to the contour brush in the orange base brushes. It works perfectly! The brush is dense enough to pick up any clay like substance and to prevent smearing.

Last but not least, my favorite set, the basic eye brushes! Who knew you needed so many brushes for one place.

Deluxe Crease:  The deluxe crease is such a fluffy brush that is soft and over-sized. This helps blend out eyeshadow and is one of most useful brushes in the eye set kit.

Base Shadow Brush: This is everyone’s go-to brush. Normally, it applies a smooth foundation of color, not glitter. This one is a tapered brush, which is flatter than normal. It works the best when you blend your eye makeup. When you wish to soften up harsh lines, this is to tool to go to.

Accent Brush: The accent brush, a personal favorite, is designed for precision detailing, highlighting, and smudging. You can use this brush on your water line and in the inner corner of your eyes.

Fine Liner Brush: This is the ultimate tool for application of liquid or gel eyeliner, perfect for touching up the eye liner.

Brow Brush: The brow brush provides great shape, resulting in well defined eyebrows. It really depends on how much pigment you put on the brush when applying it; the more pigment, the harsher the color will appear. It gives an amazing natural look to the eyebrows when applying just enough on.

I personally think it’s funny that professional makeup artists use these brushes on a daily basis. Why? Because even though they have tons of money to spend on makeup brushes, they still use these ten dollar brushes from drug stores. They have so much quality. Real Techniques won the best brush award, which was for their core collection, featured in this month’s Teen Vogue.  


For more details and tips for application using Real Techniques, check out the link below!

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