Hooked on Halloween

Wishing that the spooky holiday didn’t end so fast?


SRO Officer Ish shows off his pirate costume in the main office on Tuesday

Kelly Shields, Editor

In the blink of an eye, Halloween has come and gone, and we’re being launched into the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons. Lucky for us, we can look back on the Halloween season with a fond feeling of nostalgia, thanks to all of those that dressed up at school on Tuesday and brought back those costume filled childhood memories.

Patrick McCullough, freshman, dressed up as a park ranger from Jurassic Park this Halloween.


Students and teachers at Mead High dressed up as a variety of characters and famous icons ranging from a Jurassic Park park ranger, to a not-so -scary pirate, to rappers. Seniors Paige Reorda and Tristan Anton celebrated Halloween this year dressed up as rappers- calling themselves Lil’ Book and A$AP Bub. Reorda shares that the inspiration for Lil’ Book came from her love of rap music, and she wanted to make sure this Halloween had the same “hype feeling that comes with listening to rap music”. 

Paige Reorda and Tristan Anton, both seniors, take a different approach on Halloween, as they pose Tuesday night dressed as rappers.