Once There Was A Princess

Once There Was A Princess

Once upon a time there was a princess,

She knew somehow that she was special

She just didn’t know how.


True, others saw her as the definition of beauty, grace, kindness. Everybody wanted to be just like her. They wanted to be her but…


She disagreed.

She believed with all of her heart that she was ugly, not worth the attention, too rude and just not good enough. She did not believe people when they said that she was




A soon to be Queen

She was polite and pretended to be humble, but behind those masks stood insecurity, disbelief, disagreement.

The reason for all of this is The Prince. From all those years ago. The one who could never decide whether she was beautiful or ugly. He would yell things that she didn’t always understand. Then he would turn right around…and try to get with her once again.

Once there was a princess who didn’t understand her own worth or beauty. Or kindness. Because. Once upon a time, and a Prince “saved” her.