Holiday Help

Information on the Mead Food Bank and upcoming holiday distribution


Some of the Thanksgiving boxes, made by students at Mead Elementary, ready to be distributed.

Kelly Shields, Editor

As the holiday season approaches, stress may arise as some families face financial hardships. Diane Back, director of the Mead Food Bank, encourages those in need of help –or those that know somebody in need of help– to email her, and inform her of the situation. The Food Bank has distributions for Thanksgiving, the winter holidays, Easter, and back to school. At the distributions, families in need receive a box of food, including canned goods, and can also be provided with other necessities such as toiletries. Those in need can email Diane for information on the upcoming December 16 distribution.

A portion of the food collected by volunteers, ready to be sorted into boxes for the distribution.

The Mead Food Bank is also available for those in need of volunteer hours. Members of organizations such as National Honors Society can participate in the distributions, or just help out weekly by stocking the shelves with food.

For more information on the Mead Food Bank, email Diane Back at [email protected] –all emails will remain 100% confidential. Please include the date ‘December 16’ in the subject line.