Men’s Fashion on an Up-Rise

Expensive fads take part in men's clothing options

December 5, 2017

In today’s youth there has been a spark in popularity in men’s fashion. I can agree with this statement because I myself have been taking interest. I have been following up on the latest Supreme drops, whats new in Gucci, and some aspects of Louis Vuitton. But I am not the only one that has been taking this interest; there are many students who attend Mead High, that have been doing the same thing.

Some reasons why I have started to invest in these expensive clothing/accessories brands because it is like a hobby. Some people like to invest in cars, video games, and other sort of hobbies, but mine is clothing. When you buy a $168 pullover from Supreme, or a $500 belt from Louis, you get feeling of euphoria. This is my opinion, but there are many other reasons people invest into these brands. For example,  Sophomore, Alec Muller says he buys Supreme “for the thrill and excitement”. Alec said that the most he has ever spent in a single transaction was “too much,” but that he “didn’t see it as a transaction, but as an investment, because you’re buying something that is going to last you a year or more.”

Another person interested in fashion is Junior Jonathon Solliday, who says he has been interested in fashion since late Freshman year. To Jonathon “dressing nice makes me feel more confident.” He also says that “on average, an outfit costs around 150-200 dollars,” proving that you don’t need to spend a lot for a nice outfit. According to Jonathan, out of all his friends, about 80% of them are into fashion.

These are just a couple of students that attend MHS that are inspired by fashion, and through it we can feel confident.


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