How do snow days actually work?

Chances are you have probably wished, prayed, or even begged for a snow day.


Mayrene Ramos, Reporter

Safety is a number one priority when our district decides if cold weather and snow are a safety issue. In the U.S over 70 percent of roads are located in snowy regions making it riskier to be on the road. So what determines a late start or a snow day closing in St. Vrain? Based on the school district closing guidelines, when a forecast is final our district will eventually delay or close school depending on the weather situation.

If school is going to be delayed or canceled, the district will try their best to communicate it to students no later than 5:30 a.m.  Also, when schools are closed due to weather conditions, transportation and activities will be cancelled. Any field trips may be cancelled following along with any after school athletics and extracurricular activities.

If our district does not close due to weather, doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to attend school. If the specific area you live in or have to drive by isn’t very safe, parents may call in to the attendance clerk to let them know you won’t attend school and that would be then an excused absence.  

After all, it’s a good thing our district cares for our safety, and it’s important to think about what can happen if things don’t go well out in the roads with severe weather.  If any other questions came up, its always a good idea to visit the school district guidelines for a more broad explanation.