Parking problems (opinion)


Lucas Hale, Editor

At Mead High school, there was once a functional parking lot. You could come and go at will and you could drive completely around the school without having to exit the lot. But things have been changed over the summer. One of those changes was our parking lot, not only was it expanded, but the south exit was also sealed.

This meant that there is now only one way in and out of the West parking lot, in front of the school. The passage that was sealed was also where the West (front) parking lot was connected to the East (back/teacher) lot, the student drop off circle in front and the Overflow lot. Now, there is no connection between our school’s parking lots, and if you wish to just drop a student off you have to drive completely around the back to get the the student drop off in front.

Many of the structural and curricular changes here at Mead have been great, improving our school in countless ways. But sometimes changes are mistakes and steps should be taken to fix these mistakes. In the case of our parking lot, all that needs to be done is removing the curb that separates the West lot from the student drop off circle and the rest of our parking lots. Not only do the changes restrict access, but having only one exit has greatly increased traffic before and after school. 

Freedom is the key to a happy existence: let’s give the students of Mead High School the freedom to decide how they would like to exit the parking lot. This is a simple problem with a simple solution.