Korean-pop star, Kim Jonghyun, dies at 27

Fans and friends mourn the death of the talented star, who battled depression for years, after he committed suicide.


Anakin Morales-Jimenez, Reporter

Reporter’s Note: If you are struggling with depression, or suicidal thoughts, please text the Crisis Text Line at 741-741 or dial +1 (800)-273-8255 to talk to trained individuals who will stay with you on the line until they are sure you are okay. Both lines are free, and are available 24/7.

Jonghyun was a South Korean performer since 2008, the debut of SHINee, and has been in a total of 11 with the group and 1 as a solo performer. Throughout his career, he was never involved in any problematic scandals with drugs and relationships. He was an open ally of LGBT+ individuals and was very respectful to his friends and his fans.

Prior to Jonghyun’s death, there were multiple accounts in which he expressed that he suffered with severe depression. Fans have been blasting hate messages towards his primary care doctor after he was accused of negligence and ignorance of his mental condition.

Jonghyun had left many distress signals that hinted suicide. The most alarming distress signal was a heartbreaking farewell letter he had given a fellow Korean vocalist and musician of Dear Cloud, Nine. The letter was handed before Jonghyun performed his final concert with SHINee.

The following is a link to the letter; if you are currently struggling, it is advised that you avoid reading if you are sensitive to the topic of suicide and depression: https://www.allkpop.com/forum/threads/jonghyuns-final-letter-translation.127929/

“It’s been really hard up until now. Send me off please. Tell everyone I’ve suffered. This is my last greeting,” he told his sister prior to his death.

Fans all over the world have been mourning the death of Jonghyun by spreading awareness of depression in celebrities on different social media platforms, writing letters and creating art, and attending funeral halls to pay respects to the star. Unfortunately, fans have been committing suicide following Jonghyun’s death, but others have been taking action to have others remember the star in positive ways.

A photo of Jonghyun’s funeral hall. Captured by Choi Hyuk on Getty Images.

The members of other K-pop groups have delayed and cancelled performances and productions to properly respect their fallen friend.

Jonghyun’s funeral was held privately on December 21st with his band mates, friends, and fellow K-pop stars carrying his coffin and walking with him to his grave. His elder sister is pictured front and center, carrying a framed photo of her beloved brother.

Captured by: Reuters

Additionally, the individuals as well as fans were surprised with a blue moon on the South Korean horizon. SHINee’s official fan color is pearl blue, and the moon had shone a mysterious blue tint that gives people a sense of comfort that the idol is safe.

Side note: “Shawols” are what SHINee fans are called.

Rest in peace, Jonghyun. #YouDidWell