How does anxiety affect students?

Effects of anxiety manifest in different ways

How does anxiety affect students?

Ainsley Hammond, Reporter

Every day students deal with anxiety from thousands of different sources, ranging from personal life to their school life. Anxiety is a form of stress that remains even after the stressor is gone, and it continues to stay until the anxiety is removed.  Anxiety leads to different problems and can be dangerous at times, as high anxiety  can lead to depression in students and occasionally a mental breakdown.

Anxiety comes, according to “Acknowledging Things Health”, in different forms “of insomnia, paranoia, and some physical health ailments.”

Students can become dizzy and disorientated, even have the feeling of a “heavy heart” if the matter is a huge issue. Some students who have anxiety and feel unsteady can have stomach issues and “jelly legs”.  And if one kid or another has a huge amount of anxiety it can lead to bad habits or addictions, such as but not limited to, being off task, skipping school, and smoking, to develop or resurface.  Asking students around where they felt their anxiety was “in the chest or sometimes my head if its a bad day” says Daylin Granados, Junior.

As for how anxiety feels, it feels different for some people but many can describe it as if it was like stress, but just more painful and more constant. It feels like there is something always wrong, even if nothing is wrong or only one thing is not going well. “It’s just that pain you feel in your chest, it’s icky and doesn’t go away” says Cody Deleplanque, Junior.

Many kids live with anxiety every minute of everyday while some just deal with it every few hours, in my experience, I have it every day for at least a few moments. Stress can be triggered by anything from school, to work, to personal issues.

“Every time I’m about to take a darn test, I feel anxiety” Gage Ormsby,Junior.

While Cody Deleplanque says he only feels his anxiety here and there, as it’s very different for every student. It affects you when something you think is either too hard or just can do or have forgotten something takes place for most students I’ve met.

Anxiety is an issue, but there are simple ways to deal with it, and even remove it permanently from yourself, or at least temporarily from your mind. Simple tricks, like just yelling it out, can calm you enough. Some people who are anxious skip meals, a very easy trick is just eating, even if you say you won’t, try to as it can help deal with anxiety. If the anxiety gets really bad, and you are a student or working, make yourself an escape route, like a path that you can take to leave the area that causes the anxiety and to a place that can calm you down.

“The easiest way to get rid of anxiety is to just live in the moment, stop living in the future. It will do you no good if you keep worry about what’s going to happen” says