Why do seniors need to take classes they don’t need to graduate? (commentary)

Many juniors are upset with the policy stating that you need to take 3 core classes and 6 classes overall per semester for their senior year.


Many to be Senior choose their classes here at the counseling offices.

Conner Henman, Broadcaster

A policy at Mead High School states that in order to be a full time student, you need to take at least 3 core classes and 6 classes overall. Many current Juniors approaching their senior year expect a year filled with time releases and easy classes — finishing up their elective credits and one last English class — not quite.

I interviewed Junior Johnathon Solliday to ask what he thought of the new policy, “I’ve never failed a class, why do I need to take classes that I don’t need to graduate or get into the college I want?” And I could imagine many other incoming seniors feel the exact same.

In order to graduate you need 24.5 credits, at the end of your junior year, granting you’ve never failed a class, you should have somewhere around 23.25 credits. Leaving you only 1.25 credits left needed to graduate. Leaving many juniors confused as to why they need to take 6 classes per semester for their senior year.

There’s no fighting it, Juniors, it looks like you’re just going to have to deal with it next year. Will we see an increase in student absenses? Time will tell.