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Working out on a routine based schedule

January 29, 2018

Eating healthier food usually means you work out too. Taking care of your body is important, and can initially benefit you in the long run. It’s not always about what you look like on the outside, but what you feel on the inside!

Stating this, exercising can benefit you in order to progress through life in a more positive and healthy way.

Working out is a huge importance in maintaining a great balance. I know we all have many responsibilities including, school, and tons of homework to get done, but this doesn’t mean you cant work around your schedule, and plan some time for a great workout.

Studies have proven that when you exercise, your brain and overall well-being improves immensely. 

I personally have a set schedule of working out in order to set goals for myself.

Choosing to work out can make you a better person all around! Having confidence, being able to run the pacer test at an increased rate in gym class, and interacting with people that have a positive mindset alike to your own.

Usually to cut some weight I run a mile everyday at the gym before my workout. It helps to get my heart rate up and builds my confidence to go lift weights!

Here is what my weekly workout routine consists of:

Monday (leg day): I know it sucks it’s the first day of the week, and you wish you could get it over with! But why not start the week off with a pep in your step, and push yourself to do more.

Tuesday (arm day): Gives you a little break from those legs and helps you focus on your upper body.

Wednesday (cardio day): Have a specific day to get your heart rate up.

Thursday (abs and back day): Pushing yourself throughout the week can make your body feel sore. This is the time to focus on your core.

Sunday (full body day): Having two days off from the gym to let your body rest, your body should maintain and become less sore. Doing a full body workout reminds your body what muscles you have used that week.

Remember to pick which days to workout are best for you, working out without resting can cause stress to your body. I dedicate Fridays and Saturdays for a day of rest and relaxation.

During your workout routine, always switch up which workouts you are doing on each day. If you constantly work out one muscle continuously it can tear. Also, other muscles need to be toned too!

There are so many benefits from working out, but the main focus is improving yourself! Work at your own pace. It’s okay to take a day off if you are too sore from the day before, that means progress.  My favorite day at the gym is cardio on Wednesdays. Being able to get off a bike or a treadmill knowing I reached my goal is an amazing feeling. Anyone reading this blog can do the same thing too! It’s about your mindset and mentality, progression is the key to success and only you can do it for yourself.

Group of MHS students working out!

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