What’s the LatinX club?

A place for diversity

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What’s the LatinX club?

Corbyn Vaow, Reporter

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There is a club at Mead High School that focuses on addressing and celebrating different cultures: LatinX.

The LatinX club works on getting people of various demographics together to celebrate their diversity.

The club is also passionate about getting together and addressing social issues or other sensitive topics on differences, and aggressive statements that have been said to or by students.

The reasoning for the club, according to counselor Pedro Linsenmeyer, is because when he first started here, he looked at some statistics of the school and realized that students of Hispanic descent were not doing as well in classes as other students.

They were not joining AP classes, and they didn’t participate in school activities as much as other students such as band, orchestra, drama, football, etc. But these were not the only reasons for the club. The club also started to increase sensitivity awareness to differences, says Linsenmeyer. 

Currently, the club is holding a strong 12 members, but hoping to increase and obtain a bigger turnout, when they host events. The club is open to ALL people.

LatinX club will meet every Friday during lunch in room B119 (the drama room).