Anchors away: why join the Navy?

The United States Navy


Enlisted members of the United States Navy during soldier training

Kelly Shields, Editor

Welcome to the United States Navy! Offering about 60 different jobs, the Navy is equipped to support those searching for careers in fields ranging from Engineering, to administration, all the way to special operative jobs like the Navy SEALS, according to Petty Officer Timothy Bidison.

Much like the Green to Gold program mentioned in the previous article, the US Navy offers a dual program that allows you to be active duty and earn a 4 year degree and become a commissioned officer in the Navy, known as STA-21, or Seaman to Admiral 21st Century.

Bidison explains that if someone is on the fence about joining they should “take a look at the big picture. Ask yourself where you want to be in the next 5-10 years. Can the Navy benefit you in achieving that goal? Does it make financial sense? I would say to someone that wants to go to college that this is great idea because we can pay for the entirety of a bachelor’s degree program”.

Former MHS student, Matt Murphy, swearing in to the U.S. Navy

In addition to receiving benefits in college, those that join the Navy also have the opportunity to gain experience in civilian-like jobs, and save money in the long run. While the Navy offers various financial benefits, it allows provides its members with the opportunity to explore the world, and all it has to offer.

For those that are interested in the Navy but aren’t ready to make a commitment, the Navy invites them to sit in on their Future Sailor training sessions to see if it’s something that is right for them.

For more information on the United States Navy, contact the Longmont recruiting office (303) 772-4354.