Schedule changes at Mead High School

The Counseling Office shows what the schedule change period looks like from the other side of the door.


Jared Overturf

Shown are forms to request schedule changes. There are none left :)

Jared Overturf, Editor

A common sight at Mead High School during the first week of school each semester is the long line in front of the counselor’s office. Students must decide to either suffer the class they want to be changed or suffer the long lines, which often extend far out into the office itself.

The counseling office is kept quite busy during the first week, given how many students want to have their schedules changed; a daunting task given to only three counselors. It is not guaranteed that a student can get his or her schedule changed, however. There are certain criteria that must be met. Our typical protocol is this: a student can change their schedule if they have failed a class, haven’t met the pre-requisite or something will prevent them from being successful (they have a broken leg and can’t do PE),” according to the MHS counseling office.

If students wish to change their schedule, they only have a short window to file their request. “Cutoff date is usually the first week back,” the counselors said. “The more settled schedules are, the faster everyone can get into having a successful start to their year/semester.” However, there still may be reasons that a student wishes to get their schedule changed part way throughout the semester. “Exceptions are like snowflakes – all individual. Reasons to change are varied and vary case by case.”

One potential issue that the counselors have encountered is students who just don’t like the idea of the class, or want to switch their schedule around so that they can be with their friends. “Yes, we know if a student is changing a class to be with friends,” they said. “We’re young, but we weren’t born yesterday. And yes, it’s an issue and that’s why if you ‘don’t like a class’ we don’t typically change it.”

“The best way to avoid schedule changes is to be very mindful and purposeful in picking what you want to take during the registration season,” they added. “Also remember that we have all classes for a reason – you will learn something regardless and hey, you may even like it. Mostly our attitudes about doing things we don’t like doing is what can make it work or not work.”