Schoology: the one tool we can all agree is actually helpful

Schoology was born in 2009, so how has it grown to become every students and teachers personal planner and organizer at Mead High?

Schoology: the one tool we can all agree is actually helpful

“Four college students—Jeremy Friedman, Ryan Hwang, Tim Trinidad, and Bill Kindler—saw firsthand how education technology fell short of its promise to improve the learning experience for students and instructors. They decided to change that by building an LMS aligned with the needs and learning style of education in the real world.” (Schoology “About” Page)

And thus, in 2009, the school app that we all know and (sometimes) love, Schoology, was born.

Schoology in Mead High School is used as a way for teachers to assign and collect homework over the iPads used by students.

According to Principal Ayers, the school’s policy for using schoology is for all teachers to use schoology by putting the agenda, any homework that any students are responsible for, and the objective for what students are learning on the site. She believes “Schoology is an important resource for parents and students.”

Many teachers follow this policy with ease. Mr. Garcia, a history teacher, says, “I like that it allows me to organize all my documents and my folders for the whole semester and allows my students to access something if they were absent.”

Ms. Engelen, an English teacher, says, “I like the calendar feature… being able to create and organize materials using other folders [and] the ability to create quizzes that can be graded quickly

Students overall have pretty positive feelings about the handy school organiser app. Sophomore Michelle Morgan states, “It’s great; without it, I’d probably forget literally everything.”

“I think it’s a great tool to use for students,” agrees Allison Muncy, a sophomore. “I think it really helps so we don’t have to carry huge textbooks around and it’s also very easy to turn in assignments when we complete them.”

“I think teachers use the right amount of Schoology [in the classroom],” Muncy says in response to being asked if she wished teachers used schoology more or less. “I don’t think it should change.”

Schoology seems to be loved by most as a helpful tool to organize and complete homework while also helping us become more accustomed to technology in our ever developing world.

Principal Ayers concluded her statement stating she hopes that using schoology will help students in the long run. She says, “I think our students should use technology to prepare themselves for a tech savvy world.”