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Where are they going?; Clara Roberts

Clara Roberts is looking to apply her artistic abilities in the workforce after graduation, pursuing a degree in Industrial Design at Metro State University in Denver. As an industrial designer, she will “design and create products or industrial art. It’s more innovative than just painting on canvases.”

Clara has been an artist for years, but she has turned her focus towards how she can use her skills in her career. “I’ve always liked art,” Clara said, “but an art major is pretty much useless once you get out of college.”

After college, she is planning on watching her career unfold in whatever way it happens. “I kinda want to leave Colorado and go all over America and try small jobs,” she said. “I honestly want to create art in some form for the rest of my life.”

She chose Metro because it is “the only school in Colorado that has an Industrial Design Major.” Located in Denver, it is a commuter school only, so Clara will be living in an apartment near the Denver Center for the Performing Arts.

“I am excited,” she said. “A little scared, but not that much because I’m kinda used to being independent.”

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