Snapchat update outrage


Conner Henman, Broadcaster

As people wake up to check and send their ‘streaks’ and ‘good-mornings’, they may be shocked to see a new — incredibly hideous — interface. And whether or not you have your automatic updates off, it doesn’t matter, you got the update. Many kids are outraged that they can’t go back to the old, seemingly perfect, old interface.

I sat down with Junior Jacob Pendergast and Freshman Rory Valdespino to see what their opinions are on the new forced update.

“It’s just…Why?” said Jacob, an avid snap-chatter who went from sending hundreds of snaps a day to “only checking the app hourly” after the new update.

“It’s really pointless, just plain stupid –” states Rory, who continued to rant for multiple minutes after I asked her what her opinions were on the update.

There have been many rumors about snapchat going back to the old update, but it has been just rumors and none of it has been confirmed, so for now, it looks like you’re just gonna have to live with the new update.