Fortnite frenzy: what’s the big deal?

Free video game gains popularity at an extreme rate


Paige Reorda, Editor

Fortnite is a videogame that is available as a free download on XBOX ONE, and Play Station 4. Recently, this game has been trending across the board, and students throughout Mead High School and across the nation, have been dedicated to playing alone in a solo mode, and with friends virtually.

Developed by Epic Games, Fortnite is a survival game that requires close attention to surroundings and detail. The game begins with your player skydiving from the “battle bus” over an island. Once landed, you must rush to gain all needed supplies before other users get to them first. The last one to survive out of one-hundred users, wins and gains the “#1 Victory Royale Title”. Many have compared this game’s atmosphere to be much like The Hunger Games.

Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram have been flooded with personal victories, and techniques concerning Fortnite.

So, what’s the craze all about?

Senior Jarrett Mastriona claims, ” I started playing in January. I like (Fortnite) because I have to use a lot of strategy and determination to gain a victory. It’s really fun to see how long I’m able to survive, and to find chests filled with the best weapons in the game”. 

In addition to Jarrett, another Senior Derek Edwards says, “I started playing in early December and (Fortnite) is just a great game. It unites the boys in “Battle Royale vs. The World” and a win is possibly one of the best feelings ever”.

Fortnite has taken over the videogaming world, and is uniting teenagers across the world.