Tanning to Perfection

Prom Season is approaching!

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Tanning to Perfection

Mya Das, Reporter

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Everyone wants that healthy glow before spring break and prom! Indoor, self, and spray tanning are the easiest and go-to ways to get that summer looking glow.

A little background information on tanning: When you get your vitamin D from the sun, unlike dietary supplements, your body takes what it needs and de-metabolizes any extra. Exposure to any of our tanning beds with uvB light will produce 200x more vitamin D in a 10 minute session than one glass of milk. So get your daily vitamin D dose and feel good about your tan.

Tanning will make you look good no matter your shape or size. Build your confidence with a beautiful bronze tan, and show off the way you look!

Indoor tanning: Know your skin type. To know your skin-type is very important for a good result and safe tanning. The amount of melanin in your skin, together with your goal for your tanning, will determine your tan and which kind of tanning lotions you should use. Every indoor tanning lotion is different. Some are tanning accelerators, and some are bronzers. Some contain special ingredients to make the surface of your skin feel warm or cool. However, most indoor lotions do not contain sunscreen and don’t offer protection from UV rays, because they are designed to harness those rays and enhance your tan. Try using more anti-aging lotions or things with sunscreen to prevent aging and wrinkles!

Depending on where you can tan they may have specific promotions that contain discounts! Usually the price is 9 dollars depending on what bed you use. Tanning salons usually provide tanning deals every month and it’s something relaxing and enjoyable. Remember if you aren’t 18 years old, you will need a parent to sign a waiver for you to tan at that salon!

Spray tanning: You can also take the alternate route and get a spray tan! This is a one time package, you’ll get tan in the next 24 hours. You need to be careful of what shade you choose. I personally prefer going lighter, so your tan looks more natural. Getting a spray tan too dark can cause marks and lines on dry parts of your body that cause the tan to look “caked” on. Spray tans can cost between 20-30 dollars but it lasts about a week or two. This is probably the most healthy way to look darker for prom season, but is also super costly in the long run and you have to continuously go back and do the same application.

Self-tanning lotions: Any self-tanning lotions work great when dealing with dry skin, the lotion self moisturizes your skin. But you need to be super careful because you can easily apply too much or too little. I suggest mixing self-tanning lotions with another lotion for a better application (shea butters or cocoa). This will help tremendously with having it run smoothly across the skin and will not leave big blotches or really dark spots. Also, keep in mind that your hairline, ankles, and elbows are places where your skin is dry/thin and to apply less than the rest of your body. You don’t want to leave streaks that are noticeable. Beware that self-tanning lotions do stain and dry fast! I prefer using a mitt, and afterwards washing my hands.This costs 8 dollars at Walmart.

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